Public Relations
Today, Public Relations are integrated elements in any sales or marketing related planning, regardless of whether it is a deliberate choice or not. Every business, large or small, needs to rely on the fact that its products and services are perceived positively, exceeding their customers’ expectations.
At Discover we integrate PR in all sales and marketing efforts. Regardless whether we provide a stand-alone solution or establish multiannual strategies. Over time, we have built a unique experience base, integrating PR elements in the travel and tourism industry, and we are able to measure the exact PR related value in the combined solution of tasks, we deliver to you.
Writing press releases
Journalists and media receive dozens of press releases – every day. And most of them are trashed before even being read.
Your press release only so effective as the text it contains. “Sales letters” spiced with stock photos are primarily a nuisance for the receiving journalists and editors.
Our PR team consists of educated and experienced journalists and copywriters, who have the ability of writing texts that journalists and editors want to read and publish. We ensure that your message stands out, is short and easily comprehendible.
This way we maximize the yield of producing and distributing press releases; They are read, and they are published in the relevant media in our markets.
Distribution and follow-up
We distribute press releases on behalf of our clients, targeted directly to the journalists and editors who we know have an interest in the particular topic the press release concerns.
We frequently select individual journalists to receive our press releases, and we make sure that they have been received and found relevant by contacting the receiving journalists and editors afterwards.
Story placement
All editorial desks have a general ambition to publish any article “solo” or as “number one”. No editors fancy the idea of publishing news or features as “number two” or just at the same time as their competitors.
This is the reason Discover uses Story Placement as an integrated part of our PR task execution. We serve individual story angles to one journalist or editor and offer them exclusivity on that particular angle or story.
Individual press trips
Press trips can be a highly effective tool when your product or services are to be shown or demonstrated. However, only if the tool is used with care. A group of journalists sent out on the same excursion or tour, using the same transport means and given the same itinerary, would be going home with the same story ideas and the same angles. That way, the stories would be of marginal interest to the entire group.
This is why the phrase “individual” is so important to our PR team. In the planning process, we make sure that every participating journalist or media representative are fed with angles and ideas to create their “own” and unique story. This way, a press trip for a group of media representatives will result in more story angles published, and the return of your investment is equally maximized.
Developing your media network
Most editorial desks have dedicated employees handling selected focus areas, such as travel and tourism. Our ambition is to identify the top relevant individuals with each media, to serve your specific needs. In order to achieve this we meet with journalists, free lancers, media representatives and editors on a frequent basis, enabling us to pair the individual journalists with the focus areas relevant to our clients.
Media monitoring and press clippings
Any PR effort must be measurable. Firstly because this is the only way to evaluate the specific return of our clients’ investment, and secondly because the PR efforts often coincides with active selling and/or is part of a long term marketing strategy.
At Discover we monitor relevant media, using either in house resources or in cooperation with external business partners. By doing so, we ensure our clients’ a day-to-day overview of all relevant product mentioning in the media. Press clippings and media monitoring is usually delivered to our clients in monthly reports, and always with our recommendations on adjustments to the combined PR effort.
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