Expedia TAAP

Offering intelligent and easy-to-use booking systems to agencies and tour operators, Expedia TAAP delivers a full scale online built-in solution, including commissions to retailers who market and sell their inventory.

Discover started up Expedia TAAP in Scandinavia and ensured our clients markets share growing from zero to nb. One in less than 24 months.

bmi Regional

As a leading regional airline, based in the UK, bmi Regional operates serveral routs to and internally in the Scandinavian region, including domestic routes in Norway.

Discover has driven the extensive growth for bmi Regional in our markets since 2004, and continues to open new routes and increase market shares.
Gulf Air

Gulf Air, based in Bahrain, is operating an extensive regional network in the Middle East. Passenger numbers in the region from Scandinavia has seen a solid growth year over year, during Discovers representing Gulf Air in the Nordics.

During 2011, growth rates reached such considerable percentages that the airline decided to test Scandinavia as an online destination to Bahrain.
China Airlines
As one of China’s major airlines, China Airlines consistently increases its share of passengers travelling from Europe, and Discover handles all direct industry contact, ensuring continued growth.
Copa Airlines
Latin American Copa Airlines operates close to 300 daily flights with a primary focus on destinations in the Caribbean, Central- and South America.
Discover makes sure that our clients products re top-of-mind in the travel industry in the Nordic region, ensuring the airlines position as a first choice for end customers travelling to destinations in the Copa markets.
All Leisure Group
Offering luxury cruises worldwide under different brands, All Leisure Group is seeking increased shares of the growing Scandinavian cruise traveler market.
Discover’s skilled staff ensures that cruise specialists and tour operators in Scandinavia continuously increases their implementation of All leisure Group cruise packages in their programs, thus ensuring a continued growth rate for our client.
Alaskan Dream Cruises
Offering a genuine niche product to cruise connoisseurs with a hang to cruise in Alaska, Alaskan Dream Cruises strives to gain new market shares in the Scandinavian market, renounced for its high frequency of high-end customers.
Discover ensures that Alaskan Dream Cruises are introduced and maintained with relevant niche operators and thereby ensure the direct sales channel into this, highly specialized niche market.
Aero Mexico

Offering direct flights from major European gateways to Mexico, Aero Mexico is determined to make sure their passenger numbers keep growing, even from offline regions such as the Nordic region.

By staying in touch with tour operators, group organizers and agents with focus on Mexico, year over year Discover succeeds in increasing passenger numbers from the Nordic Region, far beyond what competing airlines can match.
Czech Airlines
National carrier Czech Airlines is online in three destinations in Sweden and Denmark, offering a total number of 18 weekly return flights between Scandinavian airports and Prague.

Operating in a highly competitive market, Discover ensures solid growth rates and increased passenger numbers to the Czech capital with our client, whilst maintaining the full operational responsibility of daily handling, including help desk, reservations, ticketing, and similar back office functions.

Hong Kong Airlines
Operating from its hub in Hong Kong our client offers a highly adjusted route network to destinations in China and the Far East.
In need of growing passenger numbers from Scandinavia, one of the world’s most Asia travel consuming populations per capita, Discover ensures that Hong Kong Airlines experience an increasing number of passengers boarding its aircraft from the hub to travel on to final destinations in their region.
Operating in all Nordic countries with a strong focus on west bound transatlantic travel to the US, Icelandair has our region as their “home market”.
Even so, as for the Baltic States, Iceland uses Discover Nordic’s expertise to ensure that the travel industry in the three Baltic countries has their product and services top-of-mind when booking US bound travels for their customers.
Ukraine International Airlines
Offering online service Swedish capital Stockholm (ARN) s from its hub in Kiev, Ukraine International Airlines has a considerable market potential in the Nordic region, offering a widespread route network to destinations in Eastern Europe.
Through our in-depth knowledge, Discover Nordic ensures that our clients’ routes and offerings are constantly distributed to relevant operators and agencies, thus ensuring a stable growth in passenger numbers year over year.
Caesars Entertainment
Say Las Vegas, and there is no way around it. Marketing world renounced brands such as Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood and LINQ, Caesars Entertainment enjoys a status as a world leader in its field.
Nevertheless, to attract a highly segmented audience such as the Scandinavian, covering segments from families over gamblers, groups and MICE travelers, local presence in our market is a necessity.
Discover has served Caesars Entertainment for more than a decade, ensuring ever increasing visitor numbers, and branding our client’s products and services throughout the travel industry in our region.
Hard Rock Hotels’ All Inclusive Collection
Hard Rock Hotels’ All Inclusive Collection offers luxury accommodation experiences in both Mexico and The Dominican Republic, entertaining an audience of relaxed luxury travelers, golfers and music lovers.
Since our launch of the Hard Rock product in the spring 2014, Discover has ensured a rapid growth in booking numbers, using a combination of direct sales and Public Relations efforts, branding the Hard Rock All Inclusive Collection concept with tour operators as well as niche agents in Scandinavia.
Air Seychelles
ABBA Hotels
Travelmarket Interactive